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We are

As chaplains to veterans, we bring to the table many years of work and ministry experience to help you and your families in good times and/or difficult times, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are. And while conducting chapel services, performing weddings, and administering communion is part of what we do, there is so much more to what we offer as chaplains.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, substance abuse, depression, PTSD, guilt, stress management, employment issues, anger, relationship issues, moral injury, financial issues, forgiving yourself, and/or grief, we are available to help. Or if you just need a listening ear, want to celebrate a victory or milestone, or want to go grab a cup of coffee or meal together, we are there! We love spending quality time with you, listening and supporting you however is best for you.


If you desire, we can also help reconnect or connect you with God and can support you spiritually through prayer, meditation, and reading scripture.

And, should you need additional help, we have a network of vetted therapists we can refer you to.

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